Building The World XII

Of a great hero’s start
From whom many take heart
Of his moderate wit
Which did not hinder a bit
Of protecting the herd
The king’s plan, absurd
Of his best known symbol
Which proved him strong, proved him nimble
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
While my tale may not stray far from your own
I wish to sing on the seed I have sewn
More than the rest he was the best of my sons
With far greater morals than immortal ones
So now shall I sing of his first epic task
And the glory in which he did bask

With Many Alceides Did Lie To Create All Those Heracleidai

While they were all worried with what I had done
I was concerned with my demi-god son

I tried well to Alceides life lead
For for him we’d truly have need

By his nineteenth year he was massive in size
All could see my strength in his eyes

And he did shepherd his families flock
So through this I thought to take stock

For up by the peak near the top of Kithairon
Was a most savage beast, a powerful lion

It I enraged and provided more strength
I had it harry the shepherds at length

Many a flock was savaged and killed
For I give it a hunger that couldn’t be filled

The cattle of Thespios it also did stalk
So to him Alceides decided to talk

He went to his city to say what he’d do
And once the king saw him, his parents he knew

So Alceides he made a most honoured guest
For surely he knew how to use this chance best

Together at evening they had a great feast
Once it was morning he’d hunt for the beast

But he wouldn’t get rest, that was for sure
For he’d be tempted with a most potent lure

In the mid of the night a woman came by
One looking with Alceides to lie

She took to his bed – he gave no resistance
And he followed her every insistence

All through the night did those two sleep
But up with his stamina she just couldn’t keep

She then fell asleep, fully worn out
But Alceides, still wired, stalked all about

Though in the morning the night too its toll
He could not the beast track with his attention whole

While some trace of the lion he found
But he didn’t yet see it, could not hear a sound

Thus to Thespia he came back dejected
Fearing he’d be from the city ejected

But the king he did speak to him soft
He said  “keep your hope high keep it aloft

“Many men have followed this call
Most, of it, found no sign at all

“And, well, for all of the rest
They were not up to the lion’s own test

“But do not fear for none had your might
They’d surely not give it much of a fight

“Now, come, join me for dinner once more”
He said as he walked through a great oaken door

But after they ate and retired for rest
She appeared once more with carnal behest

Again and again as before did they fuck
To know such a woman he assumed it was luck

But once more when the night passed to morn
He found himself weary and worn

Thus still he was only able to track
He began to wonder what he did lack

But the king, again, said all was quite well
He could not see intentions – my son couldn’t tell

Thus the pattern repeated each day
Where by night with the woman he’d lay

And always he would fail at his task
Then to feast the king would him ask

Fifty times did this pattern repeat
Until a night where she didn’t him greet

While disappointed at the lack of their fun
This was the reason he hadn’t yet won

So when Dawn greeted with rosy red fingers
Sleep didn’t clutch, did not with him linger

Before even the noon of that day had passed by
He found the lion where in the sun it did lie

With a twitch of its tail it knew he was there
It was able to smell his strength on the air

At him it did turn and loudly did roar
It saw him a challenge, would not Mercy implore

They circled each other, did ever draw near
Neither was willing to give into Fear

Then all of a sudden together they leapt
But my son did not draw the weapons he kept

In the mid of air they violently crashed
They wrestled, they bit, for hours they clashed

But finally its jaws he managed to hold
It no longer could kill with countenance cold

For now in the grip of his powerful arm
It had no hope to do any harm

With the swiftest of twists he snapped its furred neck
And thus he did all the cattle protect

And though not used to end the beast’s life
He then did take a very sharp knife

With the greatest of skill and the greatest of care
He took its skin, its hide, and its hair

He brought it to Thespia, back to that city
Had made it a cloak, so warm and so pretty

The skull, it fit right on over his head
For ’twas harder than iron, than bronze, and than lead

Two of its legs he tied round his thick neck
And his back the rest did protect

This was to be that lion’s last penance
For being to all a most horrid menace

He strode into the king’s great and grand hall
He showed what he’d done, showed it to all

“Thank you!” he said before all of the rest
“Truly you’ve proved that your line’s the best

“To mark the end of your being here
Let’s once more join with good food and cheer”

But that evening when all they did sup
Alceides still didn’t know what was up

Thespios’s wife was sitting right there
Megamede, so bold and so fair

Their daughters too, fifty in number
Each of whom made him think of missed slumber

But still could he not see what he’d done
That he had bedded each every one

So even when he bid them farewell
That they all bore his sons, he just couldn’t tell

Building The World XIII

Of the start of a line
With parents divine
Of a bestial disguise
Which wasn’t that wise
Of a mortal’s abduction
A father’s instruction
Of how I became even more hated
For all my desires that couldn’t be sated
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This tale already all do know
And well you use it to hate of me sew
While truly ‘tisn’t my grandest hour
It wasn’t that bad, wasn’t that sour
So now shall I sing of Agenor’s daughter
And that way which I eventually got her

Europa And I, To Crete We Did Fly

While Alcides acts gained everyone`s love
My station still fell down from above

For my kin spread out and took mortals to bed
Again and again with mortals they bread

Libya, that sweet daughter of Nile,
We seduced by Poseidon with his wit and his guile

Together they had a pair of proud sons
Agenor and Belos two very great ones

And while Belos stayed near to his mother
Agenor left, in search of another

Phoenicia he finally went
To Telephassa his knee he then bent

She followed Athene – was strong in her way
And with her he wished then to stay

As one they joined and built a new home
With all sorts of space for their children to roam

Three mighty sons the two of them had
Great warriors all, for this they were glad

Phoinix, Cilix, and Cadmus by name
Their daughter too was so much the same

For Europa shared in their great lust for wander
On distant lands did all four of them ponder

And while like her mother in spirit and will
Her body itself was still stronger still

For she’d grown with those powerful brothers
She’d played with them for there were simply no others

I however, with no one could play
I wasn’t allowed with mortals to lay

So struggled I did with new found desire
For I wished not to raise Hera’s ire

So when I happened to see her wandering a field
To the twinge in my loins I just couldn’t yield

Thus body and mind I turned to a bull
So carnal lust I couldn’t fulfill

But still, while there, in the brain of a beast
I wished to be close – wished that at least

So to her I did slowly draw near
Through bovine eyes did at her leer

But she, at that time, did not me ignore
And I’d no idea what was in store

I made my breath roses to put her at ease
But this is not in what she did please

She crept apprehensive – kept herself low
And me she approached, wary and slow

I thought it was fear, thought it was worry
That stopped her for moving in any such hurry

But once she’d reached within an arms length
I at once felt her power – at once felt her strength

For she simply was hoping I’d not from her run
‘Twas now that she’d be having her fun

Her hand flashed out and grasped at a horn
That which did my head then adorn

I was so shocked, so caught off my guard
That I stayed as I was and simply fought hard

I shook all about, did violently buck
But in all of this I didn’t have luck

She held on fast with that most mighty arm
Keeping herself from all of my harm

As I flailed and I flung her – tossed her around
She solidly landed, both feet on the ground

And once she’d gained her balance and stance
Her left shot out, without even a glance

Now that she had both my horns locked
My escape from her was all fully blocked

She wrenched my head and fought me to ground
Her breath came out a most ragged sound

But she didn’t let got, so still did I stay
Happy to be with what she did play

In time she accepted that I had been broken
All without a word being spoken

So she let go my horns and patted my flank
Gave the hair of my neck a cute tug and yank

In the grass, with her, then I did lie
As with me she gazed up at the sky

“Oh my beast,” she said with head in her hand
“How I wish to depart from this land

“ I love my family, all of my kin
But still I wish for where never I’ve been

“As long as I stay I’ll simply be me
Among all my brothers I’ll never be free”

Then was when I was made up in my mind
I’d take her to where no one would find

So when for a laugh she climbed onto my back
I ran off as if a whip she did crack

Quickly enough I delved into the ocean
Unconcerned of future commotion

Then I did take her to the place of my birth
That island Crete, where Sky worked with Earth

Then I revealed my glorious form
Showed I was Zeus, the master of storm

“Europa,” I said then as I knelt
“A bit of luck now you’ve been dealt

“Back I can take you to your family’s home
Or here I can leave you, free now to roam

“I promise that if you remain here in Crete
Your children will rise to the highest of seats”

She did not wait and replied all at once
“Do you think me stupid? think me a dunce?

“You brought me here for you knew what I’d choose
That to thank you I’d wish to you use”

She arched a ‘brow, gave a smile quite wry
It seemed I couldn’t my deep lust belie

Forward she stepped, slipped a hand in my clothes
Happy with what now she had chose

But a world away things weren’t quite as well
Agenor’s anger was starting to swell

For he did not know where his daughter had gone
And now he feared as a doe for a fawn

In a rage he ejected each every son
Not caring what of them would become

He told them all to never return
Unless with their sister, for whom he did yearn

And so while, this time, I’d tried to be kind
It seems that Misery does those ‘round me find

Building The World VIII

Of a new being’s birth
Who arose from the earth
Of their decedent’s great power
How my spirit did sour
Of what none had endorsed
But still I was forced
Of all the results that arose from that day
How the same nothing would stay
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
As this burden did fall unto me
How much it was needed you just couldn’t see
Still, this, all you did hate
Still, me, did all you berate
So I shall sing of what had to be done
Later creating two who’d be one

On Cybele I Have No More To Say

While we all did revel at that great celebration
Sky looked down ‘pon all of creation

He saw all the power he’d lost
How little, me, it seemed then to cost

He began to weep, he tears flying free
‘Twas such a torrent that no one could see

All us were blinded and stumbled about
Until his sorrow was fully cried out

But so much of himself to Earth he had given
A new live arose, ferocious and driven

In a valley of cedars where did Humwawa roam
Most fertile was she, the richest of loam

Cybele arose as though a great tree
But not being rooted Cybele was free

But Humwawa came to see what he had heard
What had scattered the beast and the bird

There he was a person divine
With a stature that said “all this is mine”

She had the body of both goddess and god
With beauty so perfect – she in no way was flawed

He felt a rising, a heat in his loin
A desire with her and her body to join

Cybele saw this and had interest as well
Her own manly organ began then to swell

She took him all ways as they shared in their need
Fulfilled their longing, their hunger to breed

She left him alone, tired and still
Now more pleasure was he able to spill

Within her their children then started to grow
As ‘cross the land she decided to go

After a while she met one of my kin
The one among us who the least time has been

Aphrodite reacted as did the monster before
As did Cybele, so she mated once more

Together the conceived a great child indeed
One who’d be Aphrodite’s partner in need

She then did Cybele to all us present
But only I was concerned with intent

She was a titan in all but her name
Her conception was near exactly the same

While Sky had no reason to Olympians hate
Our ruling the world did not him elate

So caution I kept, ease I did take
To ensure I’d not make mistake

But the others were charmed with her poise and her grace
‘Twas easy for her to bring light to their face

As the months passed and their bellies grew large
I realized the danger, what to me it would charge

Humwawa’s children were the first to be born
But this was not what made me forlorn

For they were simply what I promised to him
A line of descendants filled with vigor and vim

One of each beastman Cybele did bear
And for this I just didn’t care

For in the time since first we had met
I’d had time to examine and vet

With immortal any child she made
Would be of a more potent grade

And the child of Love would be all that I need
To show the danger of her womb and her seed

So when ‘twas time for Aphrodite to bear
That’s when I fell into despair

When Cupid was born with his arrow and bow
At once his power did he then show

Laughing as a child will do
He shot Ares and his mother straight through

In love they fell in each other’s arm
And all saw how us he could harm

“My family,” I said “I’m sure it is clear
What reason we have no to fear

“Over even us this child has power
To make more like him, we would end our own hour

“So she’s no longer such a great mate
Cybele we have to castrate”

Their love for her though, it now was too strong
With this plan they’d not go along

But I could see that they’d neither me stop
Would let me end the threat with a chop

So taking the sickle my father did use
I went to the one who could with power infuse

She put up a fight but could not hope to win
In time, her, I was able to pin

With a flick of the wrist I made a quick cut
Though still it made me sick in my gut

Her manhood I tossed into wide Ocean
Swept away by his great sweeping motion

And now with half of her genatiles gone
Cybele’s children would be lacking in brawn

So hurt, distressed, reeling in worry
My family did to her hurry

They healed and consoled, did all that they could
Exclaimed to her that I was not any good

They had, however, allowed me to act
But none of them mentioned this relevant fact

So while ‘round penis and testes gathered some foam
By my family’s concern Cybele was home