Building The World XV

Of a hidden desire
Which would be its own pyre
Of my use of that lust
And the betrayal of trust
Of playing pretend
It was bad in the end
Of how it all came so violently down
For she did need to protect her own crown
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
Once again I managed to screw it all up
And on such misery you do love to sup
‘Tis true that the fault’s no one’s but mine
But willful intent was not then my crime
Thus I will sing of how Aphrodite did fail
Just cause of me, an unwarranted male

Bad It Was, I Do Insist Though ‘Twas A Mistake I Made With Callisto

Still though I’d make one more mistake
Before my power over all them would break

With such ease can all things turn bad
It seems hard to ever be glad

Even great love is no guarantee
That all will be good, that Joy will be free

A nymph named Callisto learned this lesson too well
For fear seized her when she tried to love tell

This I exploited a hot summer day
As I looked for a lass with whom I could play

In the trappings of Artemis I watched as she wandered
How to seduce? it was this that I pondered

She went to a grove with many a tree
And from all her weapons did herself free

But then it seemed that I was in for a shock
One that flooded blood to my cock

So sudden herself she started to touch
While aloud she then said as such

“Oh my lady, my mistress, my queen
My love for you is the greatest that been

“Oh with you I will run through the field
And after the hunt to passion then yield

“Oh beautiful goddess, protector of wild
With you all’s electric, nothing is mild”

Astonished I watched as in the shade she did lay
While with thoughts of my daughter she did with herself play

But then came to mind a most wicked thought
Came to mind a most wicked plot

I took the guise of her sweetest affections
And moved toward her lustful inflections

As she was cresting true pleasures peak
I stepped into view and then did I speak

“Callisto” I said “do my eyes me deceive
To see you as such I just can’t believe

She stuttered and stammered – face burning and flushed
I walked to her slow – I mustn’t be rushed

“My mistress” she said “ I know not what you have heard
But the heat was intense, I said things absurd”

“But still” I replied as I further drew near
“By the state of you now what you were doing is clear”

She still didn’t then move, she was frozen in place
As a lecherous smile crept all ‘cross my face

But upon hers, confusion was writ
So with her, I did play for a bit

“Perhaps, my dear, I made a mistake”
I said with words that clearly were fake

“I do not wish to fill desires untrue
So I only will do what you ask me to do”

I offered a hand to help her stand up
As she wore the look of a perplexed little pup

In time she stood but her eyes were cast down
Her face was hot and did not have a frown

“You know what I want” she said then to me
“But I never thought it ever could be

“You know that I love you more than the rest
By the eye that is mine you are truly the best

“But it’s deeper than that, more than respect
Though I know that it’s more than I could ever expect

“My wish was never simply to fuck
But I worry that more is out of my luck

“And though I now know that you would share in that pleasure
I also want those light times of leisure”

Then she looked up and into my eyes
And I began myself then to despise

For though she thought it simply a dream
She hoped ‘twas more than what it did seem

That Artemis had more interest in her
Than what she did hide under her hides and her fur

But still this did not make me relent
I wouldn’t stop until my lust had been spent

I decided a hint to her I’d reveal
To show I was not for whom love she did feel

So that male organ now swollen and hard
I did not for deceive choose to discard

And so when my body she started to touch
She did at it unintentionally clutch

She knew who I was and drew herself back
But a desire to flee it seemed she did lack

For at her sad look I at once knew her thought
That the closest she’d get is what she’d now got

So still she fell down into my arms
For she`d fallen for my dear daughters charms

And while she did with me lie – made passionate love
“Artemis” she did cry to Sky up above

And when as one together we came
Still softly she whispered her name

When after the two of us dressed
I kept up my guise, knew it was best

But she returned to the others forlorn
For a sense of devotion we had from her torn

For she’d been too close to her true passions fire
And together we had made her a liar

But introspection was only the start
There still was more to break her poor heart

For after some weeks, perhaps a whole moon
She realized that she now carried my boon

To give her a child I hadn’t intended
For I knew in her pack children my daughter offended

She did however hide it quite well
For many a month no one could tell

This deception though, it just couldn’t last
It, in fact, unraveled quite fast

For in the mid of another hot summer heat
Inexorable she came upon her defeat

For Artemis came upon a cool glade
And to strip down and swim she of her followers bade

Soon goddess and nymphs, all them were bare
Save for Callisto – clothed standing there

Artemis and the rest all did then laugh
And started to strip her on her own behalf

Along with her body the truth was undressed
She’d been with a man – her body confessed

Though this for was was just a slight sin
Melpomene always does win

For fury did not appear on her face
The features of Artemis Sadness did grace

Oh Fortune can be so unfair
I tempted Callisto with what truly was there

Her spirit too took a most might fall
As she saw that she could of had all

And seeing clear how Callisto did feel
My daughter knew they’d have had a love real

But she couldn’t show that love she had lost
She’d protect her image no matter the cost

A mask of anger she had to put on
Could not on her dote, over her fawn

So from her presence she had to Callisto remove
Her worth of devotion she had to them prove

And so Callisto was cast out of her home
Heavy with child, yet still all alone

Building The World XIIII

Of a most fearsome fight
And a creature of fright
Of brilliant help
From little young whelp
Of his poisonous arrow
Which would make his own barrow
Of the grandest of tasks which counted for naught
For he himself couldn’t have such a thought
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
While my tale is not far from your own
I wish to sing on the seed I have sewn
Little things you often omit
Though they in truth change only a bit
Still I shall sing and once again spurn ya
And tell all of the Hydra of Lerna

Tis A Most Famous Tale When First Alceides Did Fail

As ever I was ever loathed even more
Alceides, my son, they still did adore

All that he did was accepted with grace
Any true challenge he’d still yet to face

But came a task he’d not do on his own
One of many for him to atone

‘Twas a hydra, a beast, with many a head
And one was immortal – would never be dead

Though which one, no one could say
For just to one that gift didn’t stay

It always passed to the one in middle
And none were able to down to it wittle

For when one did from neck a head hew
From where it had been there now would be two

But Alceides, my son, he’d not be perturbed
To worry, at all, to him seemed absurd

With his nephew, he then, to Lerna did ride
But he asked not for help, he’d far too much pride

Iolaos by a spring did suddenly stop
And did from the chariot suddenly hop

Far in the distance he saw the beast’s lair
It was plainly in view, it was lying right there

But if he hadn’t noticed they’d have ridden right by
For Alceides wished for the horses to fly

But now seeing what his nephew did show
Alceides boldness only did grow

With no sort of plan he began to attack
Courage, it seemed, he did truly not lack

He peppered the hydra with many an arrow
Which worked ‘bout as well as the peck of a sparrow

Though they bounced off its skin oh so tough
It, however, did annoy it enough

My son it approached, it reared up with menace
But he’d not run away, he’d need pay his great penance

So they grappled each other and their bodies got twisted
But he’d fight it alon – Alceides insisted

Iolaos he still did tell not to fight
For my son needed to prove his own might

Stuck together at its heads he did hack
It truly was stupid, but wits he does lack

There were fifteen in all by the time he was done
And he had to be forced, my strong stupid son

For a crab, giant, gave the hydra some help
It pinched my son’s foot, caused him to yelp

He let go the hydra and stabbed the crustacean
Though free of distraction he felt no elation

For he only succeeded in making it worse
He questioned his nephew in a manner quite terse

“So,” he barked “son of my brother
Is there a solution you did uncover?

“For you seem to think yourself wise
Perhaps because my strength you despise

Do you think that you’ve found a way
To end the dreaded hydra today?”

He, however, kept himself calm
He replied with voice cool as a blam

“It’s true,” he said “I do have a thought
It came to me while you with it fought

“It seemed that there was a quite slight delay
After each head your sword you did slay

“It took but a second for them to regrow
So on this to act, we mustn’t be slow

“In fact we’d need move with such awesome speed
That while lacking your strength, you still will me need

“I’ll fire a branch and just as you cleave
Burn at it’s flesh so a stump it will leave”

This annoyed Alceides for he saw it was true
That to succeed, they’d need to this do

So together they went and gathered some wood
Iolaos now was feeling quite good

To the spring with the hydra they then did return
Such great glory they were hoping to earn

It, at once, their arrival did hear
For now it had many an ear

My son and the hydra tangled once more
But for creature today it would be ending in gore

For their plan, it was working quite well
At nine heads left, the beast too could tell

It let go Alceides and tried to escape
To do this though it was simply too late

For while hacking its heads he kept up his grip
It couldn’t break free, from his hand couldn’t slip

Seven necks to a side with the last in the middle
It now began to spew froth and spittle

With a strong armed swing the last came away
On the ground the body he lay

But the head did still bite ‘round and gnash
Its skull wouldn’t break however he’d bash

They eventually placed it inside of a box
And covered it with chain upon chains, locks upon locks

They then buried it then under the road
So that all it had harried over it strode

And to use the body of that creature so vile
He collected the beasts venomous bile

For great poison for arrows it made
Though through this he would be unmade

And despite how it seems that all know this tail
Alceides did in no way prevail

For as he had needed his young nephews aid
This did not count towards his debt being paid

So still he did work for what Herakles’d do
And soon would I pay my penence too

Building The World XII

Of a great hero’s start
From whom many take heart
Of his moderate wit
Which did not hinder a bit
Of protecting the herd
The king’s plan, absurd
Of his best known symbol
Which proved him strong, proved him nimble
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
While my tale may not stray far from your own
I wish to sing on the seed I have sewn
More than the rest he was the best of my sons
With far greater morals than immortal ones
So now shall I sing of his first epic task
And the glory in which he did bask

With Many Alceides Did Lie To Create All Those Heracleidai

While they were all worried with what I had done
I was concerned with my demi-god son

I tried well to Alceides life lead
For for him we’d truly have need

By his nineteenth year he was massive in size
All could see my strength in his eyes

And he did shepherd his families flock
So through this I thought to take stock

For up by the peak near the top of Kithairon
Was a most savage beast, a powerful lion

It I enraged and provided more strength
I had it harry the shepherds at length

Many a flock was savaged and killed
For I give it a hunger that couldn’t be filled

The cattle of Thespios it also did stalk
So to him Alceides decided to talk

He went to his city to say what he’d do
And once the king saw him, his parents he knew

So Alceides he made a most honoured guest
For surely he knew how to use this chance best

Together at evening they had a great feast
Once it was morning he’d hunt for the beast

But he wouldn’t get rest, that was for sure
For he’d be tempted with a most potent lure

In the mid of the night a woman came by
One looking with Alceides to lie

She took to his bed – he gave no resistance
And he followed her every insistence

All through the night did those two sleep
But up with his stamina she just couldn’t keep

She then fell asleep, fully worn out
But Alceides, still wired, stalked all about

Though in the morning the night too its toll
He could not the beast track with his attention whole

While some trace of the lion he found
But he didn’t yet see it, could not hear a sound

Thus to Thespia he came back dejected
Fearing he’d be from the city ejected

But the king he did speak to him soft
He said  “keep your hope high keep it aloft

“Many men have followed this call
Most, of it, found no sign at all

“And, well, for all of the rest
They were not up to the lion’s own test

“But do not fear for none had your might
They’d surely not give it much of a fight

“Now, come, join me for dinner once more”
He said as he walked through a great oaken door

But after they ate and retired for rest
She appeared once more with carnal behest

Again and again as before did they fuck
To know such a woman he assumed it was luck

But once more when the night passed to morn
He found himself weary and worn

Thus still he was only able to track
He began to wonder what he did lack

But the king, again, said all was quite well
He could not see intentions – my son couldn’t tell

Thus the pattern repeated each day
Where by night with the woman he’d lay

And always he would fail at his task
Then to feast the king would him ask

Fifty times did this pattern repeat
Until a night where she didn’t him greet

While disappointed at the lack of their fun
This was the reason he hadn’t yet won

So when Dawn greeted with rosy red fingers
Sleep didn’t clutch, did not with him linger

Before even the noon of that day had passed by
He found the lion where in the sun it did lie

With a twitch of its tail it knew he was there
It was able to smell his strength on the air

At him it did turn and loudly did roar
It saw him a challenge, would not Mercy implore

They circled each other, did ever draw near
Neither was willing to give into Fear

Then all of a sudden together they leapt
But my son did not draw the weapons he kept

In the mid of air they violently crashed
They wrestled, they bit, for hours they clashed

But finally its jaws he managed to hold
It no longer could kill with countenance cold

For now in the grip of his powerful arm
It had no hope to do any harm

With the swiftest of twists he snapped its furred neck
And thus he did all the cattle protect

And though not used to end the beast’s life
He then did take a very sharp knife

With the greatest of skill and the greatest of care
He took its skin, its hide, and its hair

He brought it to Thespia, back to that city
Had made it a cloak, so warm and so pretty

The skull, it fit right on over his head
For ’twas harder than iron, than bronze, and than lead

Two of its legs he tied round his thick neck
And his back the rest did protect

This was to be that lion’s last penance
For being to all a most horrid menace

He strode into the king’s great and grand hall
He showed what he’d done, showed it to all

“Thank you!” he said before all of the rest
“Truly you’ve proved that your line’s the best

“To mark the end of your being here
Let’s once more join with good food and cheer”

But that evening when all they did sup
Alceides still didn’t know what was up

Thespios’s wife was sitting right there
Megamede, so bold and so fair

Their daughters too, fifty in number
Each of whom made him think of missed slumber

But still could he not see what he’d done
That he had bedded each every one

So even when he bid them farewell
That they all bore his sons, he just couldn’t tell