Let’s try this again

So I will be changing the update schedule.  I think it is clear that I let things slip by the wayside recently but I want to throw myself whole hog into this, and writing in general, again.  For now I will hopefully be posting Dr. Zeus on Saturdays, a Hymn on Tuesdays, and a review of a classically focused movie on Thursdays.  The first one will on Tarsem’s Immortals.  Again all of this falls into the category of hopefully, for while I know I can keep a schedule, and have in the past, it is easy for me to fall out of it.

Tea helps.

Building The World VII

Of that bastard’s first trick
And how he thought me most thick
Of comraderies end
And how morals do bend
Of his great love of man
And what he did plan
Of our continuous fights
And the start of the rites
– Oh Halcyon Muses nine -
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This tale is so close to my heart
Yet I can’t sit aside – I can’t sit apart
I can’t believe how me he betrayed
How I wish that with me he’d stayed
So here’s how I lost my very first friend
And how true trust did in me end

The First Little Trick By That Bastard That Prick

Aphrodite joined us at humanity’s start
So of first offerings she could take part

For they were most pious those men as of gold
Such reverence for us did they properly hold

Often would they fall down to their knee
And praise how we had allowed them to be

But so good were they that they did wish for more
More to show how they did us adore

So together we got to think then of how
What possible way we could this now allow

Aries wish for grand feats of strength
Impossible tasks of improbable length

Athene wished for proof of their mind
Mathematics, art, no matter what kind

Aphrodite herself had not thought to give
For women had yet come now to live

Hera was lacking opinion as well
For, too, on men she had no time to dwell

The other gods all, important or not
Could find no agreement in one single plot

Prometheus though then made a suggestion
One of food and its ingestion

For as man lacked tools of every kind
All they could do was eat what they find

And though Earth made sure all them were fed
They’d yet to feast on animals dead

So he thought that together could we all eat
For them to see slaughter ‘twould be a great feat

So then we went out into the wild
While the hunters in us, together, all smiled

After a search we came ‘pon a great boar
And, for it, it knew what we had then in store

Rather than turn and try to us fight
It ran away in terror and fright

Save Aphrodite we all followed suit
Vicious in our relentless pursuit

While of us Hera could track best
Athene and Ares did with most zeal invest

Neck and neck those two kept pace
It seemed as though neither’d win race

But while Ares did just froth and rage
Athene planned, and a trap did engage

For we came then upon a most rapid river
And to Athene ‘twould Victory deliver

She saw that the boar had to turn right
While simply he chased with all of his might

So she departed from our most godly pack
And showed the wits that Aries does lack

As when it turned to get ‘way from him
It could no longer escape though vigor and vim

For waiting was she right there in its path
And at her brother, half, she did heartily laugh

For she fell ‘pon it right then there
And broke its neck with her maiden hands bare

Her brother she’d used as merely a hound
And flushed it out with his fury and sound

We left the forest with our impressive catch
And to the locals we did then dispatch

Prometheus, however, he stayed behind
Oh! that I knew what he did have mind

For when we returned – man in tow
Two piles disparate he did to us show

One was enwreathed with glistening fat
The other ‘twas but skin and by it he sat

Perplexed I did my friend ask
“Why this way did you perform this task?

“These are your creations, your very own work
But with this division, well, you look like a jerk

“You own children you’ll give portions unfair?
I do not see how this you can bare”

But a wry smile is what he gave in return
Saying, “I don’t think that them I did spurn

“I laid one for them and then one for us
Choose which meal, there’s no need for fuss”

I inspected how the portions were split
While the cook fire Prometheus lit

I’d have devised a more even share
But I must take the better, however unfair

So I picked the one which looked to be best
Leaving for man the scraps – all the rest

But despite its appearance it was built as a trap
The meal that I picked was all utter crap

On top of bones bare the fat had been laid
Such a trick had Prometheus played

My face grew red as as he tended the fire
“You bastard” I screamed “you horrible liar”

He looked up with a cool and calm face
He clearly did not know his place

“I’m sorry” he said “were you wanting the other
I assumed you knew what you’d uncover”

With a flourish he removed the covering hide
Showing the meat and guts he had hid inside

“I thought” he said “for that one you’d wish
For indeed its a most godly dish

“For as food we need not consume
Why’d we it to pointless use doom?

“Is it not better to keep up appearance
And let man eat without interference

“Their meal after all looks not quite as good
So their place is still understood”

That bastard had trapped me, left me no choice
I had to pretend, to feign and rejoice

Building The World VI

Of a new goddess born
With the fullest of form
Of where she did land
Those who don’t understand
Of no honour given
To what they were driven
Of mens’ danger imminent
And death indiscriminate
-Oh Halcyon Muses nine-
For your version I simply haven’t the time
This is a tale some other beauty
Than that of art – that of your duty
And while men you inspire well
Of women’s form wish to tell
So now shall I sing of my best sisters birth
And the trouble for Lemnos it did unearth

Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love Was Born Of The Sea, Not From Above

Now that humans Prometheus made
We had a need to all of them bade

Easy did we fall into our roles
Each of us knew what were our goals

Ares, clearly, would teach them to fight
Athene instruct in Wisdom’s great might

I, as king, protect their power
Ensuring all had their allotted hour

And Hera – my beauty – my wonderful wife
Protected the ladies through motherhood’s strife

For stretched across time we saw that they’d come
And without their assistance man’d be undone

But we had no power to bring them together
None us gods were half enough clever

They seemed to always each other resist
They stayed on this course, did always persist

But our solution, it already had come
That day, she, already had won

For when father discarded the orbs of sky
He didn’t care to where they did fly

With his throw they landed in Ocean
And such great things this did set into motion

For while we travelled all over the world
‘Round the testes water had swirled

And whipped up around was a pile of foam
Which, the sea, for years did roam

At last it came to Lemnos’s shore
Revealing one whom we all do adore

For when the water whisked the bubbles away
It uncovered one whom with all wish to lay

Aphrodite there came into being
Her existence, their passion, seemed to be freeing

Soon they paired off as husband and wife
Seeking, each, to share their whole life

After a while Aphrodite did stir
Which wouldn’t leave things as they now were

For ‘round Lemnos she thought then to walk
And at her all men did unsubtlety gawk

But their wives disliked how they did act
They were lacking all sense – they were lacking all tact

So when Aphrodite divinity claimed
“A liar is she!” they as one exclaimed

For while their husbands were the ones in the wrong
That close to her – oh! love is too strong

They sought someone ‘pon whom to lay blame
Causing the disaster which then to them came

Aphrodite did punish with a beautiful smile
And cursed the women with a stench most vile

They tried and they tried – did repeatedly wash
But this repugnant scent they just couldn’t quash

Their men no longer could bring them to bed
Their passion, it seemed, was once again dead

But still they had Aphrodite’s desires
For that lust, that longing, it never expires

So sailing they went to the islands around
They brought back the women that they there found

Whether they wished to be there or not
All unwilling were dragged into their plot

But when the ladies of Lemnos saw what they had done
They decided death would to the men come

Before their captives they could forcibly bed
They sought out the men and made them all dead

The others, the victims, they sent on their way
They in Lemnos were not welcome to stay

One man, though, survived all the slaughter
For he was hidden by his most loyal daughter

For while he too at the goddess did gawk
To new women he did not with them flock

At Aphrodite he knew he must stare
But he knew ‘twas too their curse to bare

For the women, while punished, were no more to blame
Man and women, should suffer the same

For when we gods to mortals do go
Into their lives, chaos, we throw

His child, Hypsipyle, for what she had done
The grandest of prizes was about to have won

For in epiphany Aphrodite appeared
And by the women she greatly was feared

But a hand she raised and gestured for calm
And her words were soft and soothed as a balm

“Dear ladies” she said “I do not you blame
In your position I would sure do the same

“Your husbands, your men, they went the wrong way
With you through all they’re intended to stay

“They acted improper – horrid and bad
I can see why their deaths have made you all glad

“But one man was good, and you almost him killed
For your rage was unbridled and couldn’t be stilled

“And if you had I’d have no further curse
For your men, well, it’s hard to be worse

“But one you alone rose ‘bove all the rest
Proved herself to be truly the best

“Hypsipyle henceforth will all of you lead
And through her I’ll give what you all need”

Her proclaiming now done she returned to the sky
She was more than our equal – she did not have to try

So one more our ranks grew then in number
In time to take rites atop of burn lumber